If you are a photographer and are interested in perfecting your newborn work, please check out my Clickin Moms breakout session.




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Price: $60

What You’ll Learn:

*Jenni’s session workflow

*Tips on how to achieve beautiful macro, prop, and posed images

*How and why Jenni sets up the way she does for a newborn session

*How to pack props for a refined, flawless look

*How Jenni processes her images

*Tips for finding your style & your ideal client


What’s Included:

*62 page PDF that covers Jenni’s newborn sessions end-to-end, filled with tips, tricks, and the “hows” and “whys” behind everything she does

*Setup video – Jenni shows you how she sets up for a newborn session and why

*Prop video – Jenni illustrates how she prepares and packs her props to give them a polished look

*3 editing videos

*Q&A video

*Numerous tips and exercises to help you find your style, your ideal client, and create beautiful newborn portraits

*Client Questionnaire

*Client Contract (with permission to use Jenni’s wording)

*Ideal Client Profile worksheet

*Session/Shooting Checklist