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I have a passion for business, what can I say? It's why I continue to work at one of the largest companies in the world (after well over a decade), which has enabled me to work alongside some of the best and brightest in business. In 2008 I decided to go for my masters, and went on to receive my MBA from a top 20 program. My background has provided me the opportunity to take the concepts I have learned from working in big business, which are rooted in a tier 1 educational foundation, and apply them on a smaller scale. This is how I built my own successful photography business.

So why should you work with me instead of someone else who happens to offer business mentoring? I am drawing upon time-tested, sound, proven business concepts, experience, and education. Being able to draw upon knowledge outside of one's own business is actually very important, as it provides the educator with diversity of experience. I have also found that in order to truly effectively teach others, one has to have an education of their own to back it up.

What I offer is different because I don't just teach you what has worked for me, as every business is different. I teach you what will work for you, based on the various dynamic elements specific to you, your business, your goals, and your market. I help you learn how to think differently about your business.

My goal is for mentees to walk away with clear direction for their business, an understanding of who they are as a business, who their target client is, how to reach their target client, and concrete messaging written specifically for that client. They will have pricing and collections which align to their business needs, goals, and target market, as well as tailored branding elements and marketing collateral. Mentees will also walk away with a list of things they need to do, and continue doing, to reach the goals we have outlined together. Everything is completely customized to each person and their business, as no two businesses are the same.

Mentoring sessions take place over the phone/Skype/Google Hangouts for 1-2 hours weekly/bi-weekly (depending on schedules) for roughly 7-8 sessions.

Topics covered will include:

- Indentifying and clarifying your business value proposition

- Identifying your target client and their needs, wants, and fears

- Aligning your value proposition to your target client

- Online and offline marketing tools (including SEO)

- Overall brand voice and messaging

- Branding (including a custom brand board with branding and design elements)

- Product collections and offerings

- Pricing and business financials

Please CONTACT ME to book custom business mentoring. Please also reach out with any questions you might have or to request additional information.


Without her guidance and expertise, I would be nowhere close to where I am now. I have a new confidence about my work, but also a better direction on where I need to focus my attention. I don't feel extremely clueless anymore. The two main goals I had were to find and understand my target client and figure out SEO for my website. I walked away with that and SO much more!”

“As all photographers these days, I have been inundated with multiple marketing and business courses touting their "get rich quick" tactics and "one size fits all" approach. I wanted something deeper and richer. For me, choosing Jenni was a no-brainer. It is without a doubt one of the best investments I've made in my business, if not *the* best. My business would not be where it is today if not for her."

“Since hiring Jenni, I feel more secure in what my business represents, what makes me different, and I have and internal lens I can use to make every decision with clarity. Jenni is worth every single penny. I have earned my investment back many times over, and I know I will continue to do so as time goes on. I cannot recommend her services enough."

Jenni Jones Photography offers custom 1:1 business mentoring for photographers designed to help you create a successful, profitable business